This first year of marriage…

…is probably a unique one!

Arjun and I are apart during the week, as I am at Law School in Kingston, 3 hours away from Toronto! So we get to live together only on the weekends. Granted it is not the ideal situation, but I’ll be back in Toronto with him, forever, at the end of this school year. And for two people who have never lived together, this whole living-together-on-the-weekends, is a great starter course haha! Also, every Friday, I wake up with a skip in my step, and the hour before he arrives is like the hour before opening Christmas presents. I’m giddy, bouncing off the walls, excited, and eager! I’ve also got in the habit of making him something special for when he walks in the door – lately the roster has been, a banana chocolate chip loaf, slow cooker lemon chicken, and today, some delicious chicken stir-fry! All this, as a thank you for the long 3 hour drive he’s completed just for me. And he is a Mr. Incredible, he drives back to Toronto at 4 or 5 am on Monday mornings, just so he can hold me for another night on Sunday 🙂 I love him, I really really do.

 image from le love



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