Inspiration for our future hunt

When I moved to Kingston two and a half years ago to start Law School, I would have never imagined that my love for Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Cambodian food would grow. Kingston is such a sweet little British (and very blonde!) town! But it happened…

When husband and I got back together as boyfriend&girlfriend (we were a couple that had to say “I don’t” before we realized we wanted to say “I do!”) he came to visit me in Kingston. The first restaurant I took him to was Sima Sushi, a new discovery I had fallen deeply in love with. Since then, we have both gone back numerous times (me, more often with local friends!) and have gotten to know the owners – Dan and June – who are truly the sweetest! During holidays, when I’m back in Toronto or globe-trotting, both husband and I have serious cravings and nostalgia for Sima! After our honeymoon in Italy, husband moved me and my things back to Kingston for the school year, and our first stop, of course, was Sima Sushi – where we were treated to a meal on the house as a “wedding gift.” Although we are both excited for my move back to Toronto at the end of this year, we are both deeply aware of *how much* we are going to miss Sima. As such, we’ve decided one of our newlyweds-in-Toronto missions is going to be to find a sushi resto that compares to Sima!

Our go-to favourites: plum wine, green tea, miso soup, salad with that amazing orange-peel dressing, salmon sushi pizza, rockstar roll, love love salmon roll, or firecracker roll.


a penny for your thoughts

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