the last three weeks were so blissful. husband and I don’t get much time together this first year and so, getting to spend a whole three weeks together was just incredible. just like any couple, who are living together for the first time, we are getting used to each others habits and routines. sure, there were a few moments in the last three weeks that we would forget marriage is about two imperfect rocks becoming smooth stones by rubbing together (edges and all!), but there were so many wonderful realizations and moments inbetween. here are 10:

  1. we don’t ever get sick of each other
  2. we really do get along, really well 
  3. he is my favourite person to be silly with. and well, i’m silly 80% of the time, so that’s probably why no. 2 is true
  4. we laugh a LOT together
  5. he’s so beautiful. ok, that’s not a new realization, but a wonderful recurring one 😉
  6. it was always my dream to watch all the seasons of Lost with my future husband, and we started making that dream a reality after Christmas… lets just say we’re already done season 1 and love curling up in bed together, watching an episode, and then analyzing! i’m not ashamed to say that this new pastime is really fun!
  7. christmas as a mrs. = more christmas get togethers (more presents!) and more family and more love… all things i adore!
  8. we also celebrated my birthday on new year’s day. i’m 25. wowie
  9. husband and i planned a nye extravaganza in montreal. when we were dating, i moved to this incredible city one summer, and we really fell more in love with each other (and the city) so montreal with him always makes my heart feel warm and fuzzy. and then montreal + shopping + dining + nye, man oh man!
  10. we get to be together forever

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