i have been in major transition.

i feel like i live my life split between two cities that are 3 hours away. and i am so excited for the commute to end! we have our house, we’ve painted our walls, and now we’re furniture shopping and decorating 😀

while it is all exciting, i am also wrapping up law school which means… weekends spent working on papers and exam outlines in the library. not (very) fun, except for my excellent friends who keep me sane and save tables and seats for me!

i find my sanity in repeating the end is near again and again. i realize those words can be ominous, but over here, it’s bittersweet … and becoming sweeter!

one weekend i went home to toronto and scoured almost twenty different furniture shops with husband.  it was fascinating to see the range of designs and styles…and prices!  despite it being tiring at times, we were blessed with great weather, and enticed to get out of bed for some ikea breakfast and swedish meatballs haha! more often than not, i would stop in my tracks in the middle of the store, glance over at husband and realize… this is it! this is my dreams coming true, setting up a home and life and family with this man!  i think we both felt it… and would randomly reach out to squeeze each others hands in excitement.

oh, and quite shamefully, i will admit that we ended each day of furniture shopping with a big plate of nachos. who knew that’s what we would be craving after a day of looking at furniture. no complaints here though 😉



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