new revelation

today husband watched a bollywood film, called kabhi alvida na kehna (translation: never say goodbye). husband is funnily enough a huge sucker for 3 to 4 hour long bollywood films. it’s up there on his list of favourite-ways-to-relax. i’m not complaining, there’s something about curling up on the couch for a bollywood film that takes me back to the simpler days of childhood.

i digress.

the plot is (in one sentence) about the ups and downs of relationships, and the really sad paths broken relationships can take.

once the movie ended, i started to get a stream of really sweet texts from husband. and that’s when i had my new revelation – if ever am in dire need of hearing some voluntary sweet nothings from my man, all i need to do is pop in one of these babies!

but really… is there anything sweeter than hearing your lover profess things like i love that you’re my wife, you’re so beautiful, i love the security i have in our relationship, and i promise to fight for us especially during our downs. 

and then we got to have a wonderful chat about our future dreams for our marriage… suffice to say, this was a moment that definitely made today a great day in my life 🙂



2 thoughts on “new revelation

  1. Amazing. We are 5 weeks away from our big day. I love when hubby says stuff like that, it’s encouraging to know that they are so committed and think about the future.

    • ohhh! i’m so excited for you i know the last month before the wedding can be mental (especially planning that seating chart…) so good luck!! and for sure – i think one of the reasons why love feels so much deeper in marriage is because it has commitment as a foundation and you can *actually* plan and reflect on the future, because it is a for sure thing! 😀

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