the small lessons


the other friday, husband was returning from his out-of-town project. he had been away for two weeks. you can only imagine that i could barely sit still once 4 p.m. struck and needed it to be 6. pm. immediately. ! so i could see him, hug him, kiss him again.

well the day did finally end. and as soon as i got home, all i wanted to do was kiss him, hug him, sit on him, bug him… you know, the usual 🙂 as we like to do, we climbed under the covers and wrapped each other up in our arms and chatted and chatted away. about everything we had been wanting to share and say with each other face-to-face. i don’t care about how many advances we’ve made in communication technology, some things are just meant to shared and savoured in person 🙂

we talked about a few things that were on my mind, a few things i was worried about, stressed about. and afterwards, i just lay in husband’s arm, watching the evening lights start to stream in through our blinds. the evening city lights. my mind was engulfed with thoughts – thoughts of gratitude for getting to live on such a swanky street downtown, thoughts of uncertainty about the future, thoughts of deadlines and projects looming over me. so consumed with these thoughts, i didn’t even realize i had started to mindlessly hum a song. my daydreaming was broken by the sound of something akin to a drowning cat singing along to my song. i looked up at husband’s face and found him staring at me with a big goofy grin, annoyingly humming along to my song.

i attacked him with tickles and he caught my arms and squeezed me tiiiiight. and you know, it was one of those moments. one of those moments where i thought: this is what marriage is. sure it’s about all the important things like: being legally responsible for each other, being financially responsible for the mortgage and the bills, extending family-sizes, becoming responsible adults together (!) but it’s also about simplicity. and the most simple, perfect, love. goofiness and tight hugs.

and man, it’s such a source of solace and joy to me through the waves that life can bring.

ain’t that the truth.

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