dosa date

growing up, i used to always wonder if i’d marry an indian (and if so, would he be an indian from my state (kerala) or another state, or north india?) or someone from another ethnicity. i think the very fact that i could ask that question (and be so open to the endless possibilities) shows how wonderfully our world is evolving. growing up as an expat child in an international school, and then moving to multicultural toronto, definitely blurred the racial dividing lines for me.

as life would have it, I got an indian 🙂 his dad is from my state in india, his mom from the neighbouring state. for both my husband and i, our love for our ethnic food, was one of the first few variables that peaked our interest in each other (no joke). and it has reappeared many times in our relationship. whilst on our two week honeymoon in italy, halfway through, in rome, no less, we both looked at each other and said ‘so…wanna find a chinese or japanese restaurant?’ yes, we had reached our limit of days-we-can-live-without-rice. together. no explanation needed.

a very similar thing happened this week. husband had a weekday off, so we slept in. when i finally sat up in bed, i announced that i was really craving some dosa and sambar. without needing to ask, i knew, he understood. for most south indians, the words dosa, sambar, idli, chutney, will bring back intense childhood memories, of weekend-breakfasts, holiday breakfasts, road trips, and comfort. for me, those words hit so strong i instantly am able to smell and taste the food (and yes, maybe i start salivating).

yes indeed, this is one of the perks i get for marrying an indian 🙂




…and it was heavenly…

this weekend


to clue into how crazy life has been – husband and i just spent (just shy of) four weeks apart. school has been scarily busy these days and i didn’t realize how much i missed him until he walked through that door. i hope we always feel this way about each other.

it was complete bliss just getting to cuddle and talk about where we want to celebrate the end of my bar exams (maybe nyc), how we want to celebrate our anniversary (maybe some SF and Napa Valley…reminiscent of Toscana, where we were last year for our honeymoon), and how we’re so excited to discover toronto together (by which we of course mean…eat our hearts out haha). i must say that one of my very favourite aspects of marriage is getting to talk about the future with complete certainty in my heart.

i was washing the dishes after making us some strawberry pancakes for breakfast (a chore that is a given any day) and soon felt a pair of strong arms wrap around my tummy, followed with kisses on my ears and cheeks. and the question “why are you smiling?” (said very coyly)… i can’t help it – it’s these small moments that makes my heart so content.

and then on saturday, i was sent to starbucks with my books after breakfast. he texted that he missed my smell, and then later, if i would be home for lunch soon. upon returning to my little apartment, i found the food already served onto two plates and a sparkly, clean apartment!  to anyone whose mind is overburdened and stressed with work or exams, the simple fact of a clean and organized living space speaks volumes for some sanity and calm.

and that night i got to clean up and look nice (i.e. not wear sweatpants for the tenth day in a row) and go out for a lovely little date night to woodenheads. pictures are above from that special night.

i can’t wait for exams to be over, for my bags to be packed, and then unpacked in our new condo in toronto. for a life with him to really start, full time, all the time. and to blog more consistently i hope… of all our toronto adventures together 🙂