in the meantime…

ok, so NYC was AMAZING! i want to do a proper post on it, but this week has really been one for the (crazy) books. husband was working out of town (per usual, sigh) and it was up to me to get as many things on our to-do list crossed off before i start work this tuesday. HOLY CRAPOLY. i can’t believe i’m entering the working world (forever) so soon… and have no idea yet how it’s going to start affecting my life.

things i’m excited for: meeting my fellow articling students, getting to figure out the practical world of practicing law, getting to know the people of my firm, wearing suits (and building that style of a wardrobe (let me be vain!) )

things i’m not so excited about:  loosing a lot of freedom – getting to choose how early or how late i wake up, scheduling my day as *i* want to, not having to schedule or feel guilty about vacations (and baking… i feel like after tuesday, time in the kitchen will be reserved for cooking!)

things are slowwwly coming together at the condo, i’m currently painting a dresser and have no idea how people do this without getting paint all over their hands and legs and hair (and maybe i backed into it with my rear end once as well) …

but in happy news, this week i finally managed to get all the pillow covers and pillows i’ve been scouting for to get our bed finalized. and so i leave you with a picture of that, until next time … xo


holy smokes

it has been almost two months since my last blog post, yoikes! i guess i didn’t realize how moving to a new city, setting up a 715 sq ft condo, and studying for the bar, can keep a girl busy! seriously though, i thought about blogging so many times, especially when i was out searching for furniture or accessories for the home. i love bloggers who showcase these types of ‘hunts’ and to be honest, i find furniture, pillows, carpets, accessories, to all be a form of art! i have learnt so much about toronto’s condo furnishing scene that i didn’t know before… and really, someone should pen it down! cuz errr…i was too lazy/tired while on the hunt, haha!

all this being said, husband will say that our home (thus far) is predominantly a west elm, cb2, and ikea fusion. and well, he wouldn’t be wrong. i’ve felt like such a lucky duck to be able to go around shopping and selecting. real grown up pieces too. when did this adulthood thing happen?

so as a late addition… i’ll showcase some of my favourite pieces in our home thus far:


our capiz chandelier from west elm


i’ve decided to learn my share of cocktail and martini recipes. and husband and i love hosting parties – so a bar cart (especially a turquoise one) is a must! from cb2


it took us one weekend of 20 different stores to finally settle on this baby from urban barn (with a small customization) for our pie in the esplanade sky (this is how i refer to our home, yes. don’t ask.)


soft headboard? hard headboard? soft? hard? can’t decide! found the morocco headboard at west elm and swooned. the end.


one of those things husband and i aspire to do is support budding artists (and the arts in general)! right now, things were a little too tight to buy this beautiful painting for $450 (by Jen Ramos). so i got my talented sister to paint a similar one – and it’s a big, beautiful, painting, hanging right above our sectional in our living room! The best part is since I had it commissioned directly from her, we also got to play around with the size – and yep, it’s 60″x48″


and because i do love Jen Ramos’ work, I also bought these two prints from her etsy shop.

so… that’s just the beginning. right now we are on a mission to finish our bedroom – we set up ikea’s pax closet system which we love! and i’m thinking of setting up a gallery frame above our bed. perhaps something like this.

till next time



i have been in major transition.

i feel like i live my life split between two cities that are 3 hours away. and i am so excited for the commute to end! we have our house, we’ve painted our walls, and now we’re furniture shopping and decorating 😀

while it is all exciting, i am also wrapping up law school which means… weekends spent working on papers and exam outlines in the library. not (very) fun, except for my excellent friends who keep me sane and save tables and seats for me!

i find my sanity in repeating the end is near again and again. i realize those words can be ominous, but over here, it’s bittersweet … and becoming sweeter!

one weekend i went home to toronto and scoured almost twenty different furniture shops with husband.  it was fascinating to see the range of designs and styles…and prices!  despite it being tiring at times, we were blessed with great weather, and enticed to get out of bed for some ikea breakfast and swedish meatballs haha! more often than not, i would stop in my tracks in the middle of the store, glance over at husband and realize… this is it! this is my dreams coming true, setting up a home and life and family with this man!  i think we both felt it… and would randomly reach out to squeeze each others hands in excitement.

oh, and quite shamefully, i will admit that we ended each day of furniture shopping with a big plate of nachos. who knew that’s what we would be craving after a day of looking at furniture. no complaints here though 😉