I frequently think long and hard about how to describe me & him.
We are not a perfect couple.
People often look at us and say that we look so good together and,
I biasedly agree, our individual positive features seem to balance out our individual imperfect features – ha!
But we don’t fit perfectly together.
We aren’t one of those couples that are in sync like a beautiful melody
but we are okay with that.
Because we believe love is a choice and a choice that is damn worth fighting for.
And in those moments we’re not okay with it, we remind ourselves of of this truth.
So how would I describe me & him?
Well, a moment on an empty road between two towns in Provence,
in the south of France,
this summer,
comes to mind….
him driving a manual car (which I have no desire to ever learn to do, he loves it)
and me gazing out the window in silence and rapture (as I always do on road trips, which he’d never do)
suddenly I saw one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen in my life:
the trees and vineyards gave way to open country
perhaps abandoned…
and, scattered in abundance over the green grass
were the largest bunch of wild red poppies I’ve ever seen in my life
all set against a sunset sky
and waving happily in the wind
It lasted for all of 3 seconds and then I let out a squeal (as I am known to do)
He kept zooming down the road and asked what happened
“Oh! I just saw the most beautiful thing, did you see it? I wish I could have photographed it”
The car screeches to a halt
A three-point turn on this empty provencal road
And he returns me to the dancing poppies
Lets me jump out of the car barefoot and run across the road
And he agrees, that the dancing poppies against the sunset are one of the most beautiful things…
And as I danced along in the wind with the poppies,
I knew one thing for sure,
this unforgettable evening would have never entered either of our lives without each other.
Without his ability to work hard and manage our money,
We wouldn’t be able to afford incredible vacations
while still fulfilling our goal of building real estate equity in our 20s.
Without my ability to organize, plan and execute,
he wouldn’t be on this incredible vacation.
Without his ability to drive a manual car,
we wouldn’t have been able to rent a car at Aix-en-Provence.
Without my ability to speak French,
we wouldn’t have discovered this gem of a road in Provence.
So that’s the kind of couple we are. We may seem like a clashing gong at some times, but in those moments we are in sync, the melody is so beautiful that every piece of my heart seems to fly apart like a thousand butterflies in my chest.
We bring moments into each others’ lives that neither of us knew we needed.