our first home

january was such a blur as every weekend, i was in toronto, condo hunting with husband. the good news is that, quite shockingly fast, we found a place.

at first, i was convinced the process would be arduous. a real feat of weeding through mediocre options while praying for a gold mine. as luck would have it, on our second outing, we found two gold mines. there was quite a bit of debate. but thankfully we both agreed on which one to put an offer on first. i honestly said the usual prayer – God if it’s meant to be, let it be, if it’s not, give it to another buyer. well, we beat the other offer by 1000. therein enters my peace with this blessing of a home.

now i can’t believe i’m going to be living the life of a young urbanite. i am in love with the location of our little pie in the sky. and consumed with thoughts of interior design. a bit overwhelming at times. 

you know what else is overwhelming? my gratitude for being given this first home to create into ours. 

my husband isn’t one to scream his love for me from a rooftop, or sing me songs, or write me poetry, or put on public shows of affection. i’ll even admit that he often doesn’t understand the need (some) women (like me) have, for little gifts, surprise gestures, little dates…

but this home is his love letter to me. i knew it the day he first got off the phone (looking like christmas morning) with the realtor. he walked over, scooped me up in his arms, looked deep into my brown eyes and said “i have wanted to share a home with you for so long and it’s finally going to happen.” 

so, my gratitude for this man that dreamt of giving me a home continues… 



oh, he does give me the sweetest kisses on the nose 🙂